Yesterday’s Failures are Today’s Resolutions

I have heard many jokes before the start of 2013 of all those upcoming resolutions that people will make in this upcoming year. Specifically, the jokes entail the failures that will follow only after a few weeks into the new year. Typically, I would agree and add my two cents, but this year I feel different. Although, many people will set goals for themselves that they may not keep due to a change of mind or a realization that such goal was too ambitious; but this year, I take on a new perspective. It is always important to set out goals and those who do are admirable. How much harder is it to year after year list one’s fault and attempt to tackle the issues year after year? It definitely takes a certain character and is not for the faint hearted. As the rumor has it, the first step to fixing something is acknowledging that something is wrong.

I will, however, take the stand that it is probably unwise to repeatedly take the same steps towards a goal only to continuously fail. So this year instead of making time sensitive goals such as losing 30 pounds before spring break, I will focus on goals that will last all year long and will help build my character to reach my ultimate goals (landing my dream job, helping others, and building God’s kingdom). Usually I set the same goals (i.e. weight loss, socialize more, grow out my hair, etc.), but this year I am challenging myself to do something less material and something that will have a lasting effect; yet still help me reach my traditional goals. My resolutions are as follows:

1.Build a closer and stronger relationship with God- I plan to spend more time with the Bible and really learning to talk to God about EVERYTHING that I do and make him the center of my life. God makes many promises in the Bible but the best ones are promised to those who love him; to love him is to know him. Focusing on a relationship with God will ensure my success in ALL my endeavors (including my usual traditional goals list mentioned above) so long as they are within the will of God.
2. I want to challenge myself to live a more discipline life- I will not merely do what I want, but want I must and what is necessary. This will include financial and physical discipline (yeah…so studying instead of browsing videos on YouTube and running instead of taking that “I’m bored” nap). I want to use my time wiser in 2013 and on things that matter.
3. I want to challenge myself to eat healthier and more cautiously- Not just to lose weight, but to really watch what I’m eating. Deep inside me, I feel like I was suppose to be some type of vegetarian ;). So, buying less processed foods this year will be a must.

As of right now, those are my three goals. This is definitely not a comprehensive list, but these will be my main focus among other things in 2013. I highly encourage New Year resolutions because they give hope and avoid complacency in my current lifestyle.

So to leave with a quote: “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” -Confucius

Peace and Love,